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This is our brand new Review of 7 Speed Reading.  If you are looking for the official 7 Speed Reading website please click the link below:

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Many people find that they struggle to read. Whether it be children or adults, learning how to read and read well is an important aspect of life. Struggling to read can cause problems with everyday tasks such as completing homework for kids, getting passing grades in college, or even  finding a good job.  One popular way of advanced reading is called speed reading.

Speed reading helps you to learn how to read in a fast manner while still being able to comprehend what you have read.

Speed reading allows you to digest the book quicker and more efficiently. Slow readers have a tendency to read what they just read over again and which makes the simple task of reading a book take forever! Taking too long can cause distractions as well as other problems while reading. Speed reading can help by allowing you to finish the book faster and eliminate the distractions.

Speed reading also has been shown to illustrate the message of the story better, helping you to understand the meaning better.

If you are new to speed reading you may want to check out 7 Speed Reading.

This speed reading software can help you to learn how to speed read quickly and effectively.

So anyway – here’s my official review of the  7 Speed Reading Software!

If you click on the video below, you will see a video by Top Ten Reviews that discusses all of the benefits.

What Is It This Speed Reading Software?

7 Speed Reading is a unique program that teaches you how to speed read. This speed reading software comes with many different strategies that you will need to succeed in speed reading. Some of these strategies include:

  • Regression Elimination – which means not re-reading the same thing that you just read.
  • Fixation Expansion -which is making sure that you read and recognize large portions of words.
  • Full Brain Utilization – which is where you make sure your brain is engaged to where it can process and store information.
  • Subvocolaziation Eimination – which trains you not to say the words in your head.
  • Comprehension – this program will help you to learn how to comprehend faster than you ever imagined.

This program will also widely benefit your eyes. You will learn how to keep your eyes fit and how to increase and train your eye muscles.

This program will also help you to improve your memory. Working with the different strategies will help you to develop a near photographic memory of what you have read which will help you to memorize the book.

Within days of starting the program you will notice vast improvements of your reading skills. Books that may have taken you days to read may take you only a couple of hours. If you are a college student you may find that your exams are easier to pass because you can recall the information better. This speed reading program is a must download for anyone who wants to learn how to speed read.

What I Liked About 7 Speed Reading

There are many positives about 7 Speed Reading. The program has helped an abundance of people learn to speed read in little time. Most of our reviewers have said that they were amazed at how easy the program was to follow and understand.

Another reviewer loved that the program was downloadable and that they could put it straight onto their desktop or laptop computer. Personally, I was thrilled to learn how to speed read with this program and was amazed at how fast I can now read. My favorite part is my reading comprehension is better now than when I only read 150 words a minute. Everyone that has reviewed this software has said that they would recommend this program to everyone that they know.

What I Didn’t Like

There are a few negative complaints out there about 7 Speed Reading. They include complaints about how fast paced the program is. In my use of the program, I did have to redo a few lessons to get the hang of it.  I actually think that helped me even more.  Other reviewers complained that the program took too long to download.  It is a large file, so the download does take a while. Once it does download, the setup is easy. You enter your license key and create a username, then your off!

Another small problem to me was that some of the e-books were old and boring.  The good think is you have over 600 to chose from so I’m sure you will find 20 or 30 that you like. Plus you can use all of the wiki products online as well.

My Overall Thoughts

Overall this speed reading course comes highly recommended and the negative reviews are very far and few between. Most people highly recommend the program if your goal is to learn how to speed read. Speed reading can help you in many things. You will improve your grade point average and even if you are not in school you will improve the way you read. You will be able to read books faster than you ever imagined. Your trips to the book store and the library will become more frequent with the 7 Speed Reading program.

If you are interested in more information about this software, you can look through my other posts on this site or you can go right to the source, the 7 Speed Reading site!

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