Which Speed Reading Techniques Will Help Me Learn To Speed Read Faster?

By | November 19, 2013
Speed Reading Techniques

Speed Reading Techniques

Do you struggle to read fast or does someone in your house struggle with getting through the simplest book? Does it often take hours of even days to make it through something simple to read?

If you answered yes then chances are you would benefit from speed reading. Speed reading is where you learn to read fast and you learn how to understand what you just read. Speed reading has helped many people to learn how to read faster and helped them to learn quicker and have a better shot at a career.

There are many ways to learn speed reading and the most common way to learn is to go through a speed reading course. These courses can help you to learn how to read faster and how to ensure that you understand what you just read. During these courses you will be taught various speed reading techniques that will help you to succeed in your speed reading endeavors.

Speed Reading Techniques – Techniques That Will Help

There are many speed techniques that you should try. Here are some of the ones that would benefit you the most when you learn how to speed read.

  • Raise your comfort speed level. Get your mind set in the right place. Choose to want to speed read and attain your key speed. Push yourself to the envelope and set realistic goals on your speed reading.
  • No more sub-vocalizing. No more sounding the words out. The eye is the gateway to the mind and you should see words not transfer them to sounds and hear them. The more that you read directly into your eyes the faster you will get in reading.
  • Stop eye rests. Many people will rest their eyes every 2 to 3 lines. This should be eliminated when working on speed reading as eye rests will just slow you down and not allow you to fully get what you are reading.
  • Use your finger. This will not slow you down but instead make you go faster. Think of it as a pace car and the faster it goes the faster you will be reading.
  • Peripheral vision. This great speed reading technique will help you to improve what you see in your line of vision. Instead of just seeing a small portion of the words your eyes will open to a broader spectrum of words helping you to get through what you are reading.
  • Keywords. Learn keywords that you can scan right past and not have to read. For instance the word and can be skipped over because you already know that particular word well.
  • Set a goal. Have a goal set forth for your speed reading. Going into it without a goal is not realistic and you could get frustrated really easily. Make sure that you take the time to set a goal and to keep

With these great speed reading techniques you will have no trouble in learning how to speed read. For more information on speed reading techniques, read this speed reading techniques review.

5 thoughts on “Which Speed Reading Techniques Will Help Me Learn To Speed Read Faster?

  1. Vittoria10538

    This is good, but I wish that, after he offered the technique and read the
    first sentence, he didn’t just go ahead and read every single first
    sentence in the article. After each of the second, third, fourth, fifth,
    sixth and seventh time, I thought, “Yes, we GET it! Read the topic sentence
    more slowly!”

  2. Steven Vayding

    Make your eyes move across the page in jagged movements up and down the
    line. Go from the top to the bottom of words. This makes it so that you
    don’t focus on one word without using your finger. Also, it can be faster
    than your finger potentially.

  3. charles chu

    So what he’s saying is… Only understand the first sentence of each.

  4. eric weiss

    Check this out, it helped me tremendously. Im not sure what this vid covers
    as I don’t care for the speaker, something about him doesn’t sit well with
    me. Anyway, the speed reading course I took on YT explained it like this,
    don’t say the word in your head, & he used stop signs as an example, we
    know the word stop so there s no reason to say “stop” when we pull up. See
    it, know it. The same w/ reading, see the word and know it. However extend
    this further and see 3 words at a time.

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